Tired of the taste of ground beef? Or even ground chicken? May we introduce you ground lamb? You may be familiar with this Mediterranean-favorite protein from one of the many Greek, Turkish, and Moroccan dishes it’s featured in. Though it may not be a staple on your dinner table in the same way chicken is, there’s a good reason it’s so internationally beloved. With the right blend of herbs and spices, this tender and savory meat is irresistible.

In fact, there’s a way to have lamb for just about any occasion. Summertime evenings spent outside grilling? Try lamb kebabs. Looking for a light lunchtime meal? How about Mediterranean Fried Rice? And if you’re dreaming up a hearty dinner for special occasion, what you’re looking for is a Doubly Cheesy Meatball Bake. No matter what you’re craving, here are the best ground lamb recipes that you have to try for yourself.

ground lamb recipes

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Grilled Rosemary Lamb Meatballs

With savory, spiced lamb, rosemary and garlic, this isn’t anything like the spaghetti and meatballs you’re used to.

ground lamb recipes

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Spiced Lamb Dumplings

A Turkish take on dumplings. The garlic-yogurt sauce on the side really balances out the spiced meat flavor.

ground lamb recipes

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Grilled Lamb Meatball and Pepper Skewers

With a side of hummus and pita, these grilled kababs make for the perfect Mediterranean dinner night.

ground lamb recipes

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Mediterranean Spiced Burgers

Swapping out beef for lamb will give your burgers a whole new taste, trust us.

ground lamb recipes

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Grilled Lamb and Artichoke Kebabs

Once the weather gets warm, fire up the grill for some savory meat and crispy summer veggie goodness.

ground lamb recipes

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Doubly Cheesy Meatball Bake

Juicy lamb meatballs and gooey mozzarella cheese, what more could you want?

ground lamb recipes

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Lamb Sliders With Pepper Relish

Careful, when serving this flavorful sliders — you run the risk of outshining your main course.

ground lamb recipes

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Pasta With Lamb and Pecorino

Fresh mint and ground lamb offer a modern twist on this classic Italian meal.

ground lamb recipes

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Lamb Ragu

Hearty and filling, this plate of lamb ragu will gives your go-to bolognese a run for its money.

ground lamb recipes

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Turkish Ground-Lamb Pizzas

Who knew tzatziki made such a good pizza sauce?

ground lamb recipes

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Mediterranean Fried Rice

Crumbled feta, refreshing cucumber, and of course spicy ground lamb — all of the best flavors of the Mediterranean are in this dish.

ground lamb recipes

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Lamb-Feta Burgers With Tzatziki

Instead of just swap in lamb for beef, this greek burger goes the whole nine yards with feta, tzatziki and pita “buns.”


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