If you consider leaving your job for serious reasons like sexual harassment and living in LA, you need to immediately contact a lawyer for sexual harassment cases in Los Angeles. If you have come upon this article while casually looking for reasons to start looking for a new job role, you have come to the right place.

You Are Reading This Article

Do you have a pet? How often do you search for articles on reasons to give them away? The thought has not occurred to you because your pets make you happy. Your job should make you happy as well. We work to survive and thrive, but that work should make you feel fulfilled and give you a sense of purpose.

If your find that you are casually searching for new work opportunities or keeping an eye on online job postings, you are not happy and fulfilled at your current job. The trick is to commit to making a move. The longer you stay with a job you don’t want, the more resentful you will become.

You’re Always Unmotivated

That brings us to our second reason. You no longer feel motivated to perform or excel. Everyone gets in a rut from time to time, but if you find that you have just stopped caring altogether, it’s time to make a move. What makes it tricky to get inspired again is that you may find that you are content.

Being comfortable and content is not the same as being motivated or even being happy. Being content indicates that your work no longer challenges you, and it’s time to move on. You need to feel challenged because even when those challenges are stressful, they give you a sense of achievement when you overcome them.

You Hate Your Boss

Wait, doesn’t that go against everything we learn about being responsible and not letting people get the better of us? When you can’t stand someone in your private life, you won’t make arrangements to see them every day. You definitely won’t give them authority over your actions and performance.

Hating your boss, whether the owner of the company or a manager, is not a sustainable way to build a career. It is bad for your mental health, it causes resentment, and most importantly, it demotivates you. But, we know that motivation is important to feel fulfilled in a job.

You Hate What You Do

Again, this sounds like an irresponsible reason to find a new job at first, but it may be the most important reason on our list. For some people, a complete career change is an option. For some, it is not. It depends not only on your means but also on your determination to do something you love.

Sometimes a change in role is enough, even if that role still falls within the same line of work. Some people are fortunate enough to find such opportunities within their current workplace. For others, a complete change of career is the remedy.

Your Mental Health Is Deteriorating

This reason falls on the far side of the spectrum from the other tips on our list. Sometimes you can love what you do. It can be extremely fulfilling to you. Perhaps you even have a great boss and co-workers like family to you. But are you coping?

That is a serious problem that faces people in the medical industry, high-level executives, emergency workers, and some service industry workers. While the job ticks all the right boxes, it could be at the cost of your mental wellbeing. If you feel burnt out if worrying about work keeps you up at night, you should consider finding a job that you find stimulating but with less pressure.

There is no shame in putting your mental health first.




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