Cargo bikes are one of the best family-friendly means of transportation, allowing parents to share the beauty of the outdoors with their children. Families can pick between various cargo bike models, providing multiple features to meet each family’s needs. If you’re considering purchasing a bike for family trips around town, keep reading for more information to select the ideal model to meet your family’s needs.

Questions To Assess Prior To Purchasing A Cargo Bike

Of course, making an informed decision on the products you buy for the family is important, and cargo bikes are no exception. Fortunately, you can ask specific questions that will make choosing the right bike to fit your family easy, ensuring years of fun and exciting adventures.

Number of Kids I’m Carrying

The number of kids you plan on transporting directly influences which cargo bike model you should use. You may select a smaller, more compact bike for up to two kids, but for three to four, you’ll want to choose a full-sized option.

What Is My Budget?

There’s no doubt that some cargo bike models can be very expensive, so having a set budget beforehand is important.

Do I Have Room To Store It?

Cargo bikes take up a fair amount of space, but you should always protect them from the elements, especially electric models. Ensuring you have a space to park your cargo bike before bringing it home will save you frustration later on!

Should I Choose Electric Or Manual?

Cargo bikes are available in both electric and manual models, each with pros and cons. Manual cargo bikes work wonderfully when pushing smaller loads with only two kids through level terrain. Since they don’t require electricity, they don’t require charging and are generally less expensive.

The electric cargo bike operates on a battery and is perfect for long-distance trips or heavier loads. They do require charging and are often more expensive than their manual counterparts.

What Brands Maintain Their Value?

Just like a traditional bicycle, there are many brands of cargo bikes, but they’re not all created equal. Certain companies are known for manufacturing high-quality, dependable products, while others produce lower-quality alternatives. Doing ample research, including talking to actual cargo bike owners, is the ideal way to ensure you select a brand that makes a quality product you can use for years to come. Additionally, choosing a trusted brand ensures the resale value of your cargo bike will remain high, with a lower depreciation as time goes by.

Do I Want Two, Three, or Four Wheels?

Cargo bikes are available in two, three, and four-wheel varieties, based on which make and model you select. Each version is slightly different, offering varying components that complement your requirements.

What Battery Should I Choose

If you’re purchasing an electric cargo bike, it’s important to note that there are multiple battery types available. The bigger the chosen battery, the longer your range, so for those planning on spending extended amounts of time using their cargo bikes, sightseeing, or exploring, you may want to choose a battery that offers a longer life. However, if you’re only using your family’s cargo bike only on short trips around town to run errands, you may find a smaller, less-expensive battery works perfectly.

The Different Styles Of Cargo Bikes

There are many different styles of cargo bikes made to accommodate the needs of all families, so selecting one that fits your specific needs ensures you get the most from whichever one you choose.

Number Of Wheels

We touched on earlier that cargo bikes feature with multiple wheel options, including two, three, and four-wheeled. Let’s take a closer look at each and family they may fit best.

Two Wheeled Cargo Bikes

Two-wheeled cargo bikes are similar to traditional bicycles, featuring a single carrying frame over the sprockets on the rear end or a basket attached at the front.

Three Wheeled Cargo Bikes

Three-wheeled cargo bikes contain a single large box suitable for transporting one to four kids, bags, and equipment. These are sturdier and wider than two-wheeled options.

Four Wheeled Cargo Bikes

Four-wheeled cargo bikes feature the largest carrying box that is primarily for professional purposes. They feature the greatest stability and are generally the biggest models.

Electric Vs. Non-Electric Cargo Bikes

Electric cargo bikes are excellent for sizable families who have lot’s of gear or those planning on using their bikes everyday. They offer pedal assistance, a welcome feature for parents, particularly in hilly regions, and help make long trips fun for everyone.

Non-electric cargo bikes are perfect for quick trips and small families without a lot of gear to bring along. They are excellent for those seeking to add exercise into their routine and who live on flatter terrain. These bikes are generally less expensive than electric cargo bikes, making them a more economical option.

Body Shape

Cargo bikes have three body shapes available: Front-load, midtail, and longtail.

Front-Load Cargo Bikes

Perfect for carrying as many as four kids and can hold an impressive 350 pounds.

Midtail Cargo Bikes

Great for storing equipment and kids. They feature the cargo box on the bike’s rear.

Longtail Cargo Bikes

They also have the cargo box at the back, but it is larger and holds more weight than midtail models.

Additional Tips For Avoiding A Mistake When Selecting Your Cargo Bike

Here are a few additional tips to help avoid picking the wrong cargo bike.

  • Take your time, and don’t rush your decision.
  • Shop around to find the ideal bike for family transportation.
  • Consider the terrain and your cargo’s weight.
  • Talk to current cargo bike owners for their suggestions.


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