Legalizing the hemp plant worldwide has brought about different and more consumption methods. The plant is used for medical and recreational purposes and has proven to be a cure for diseases such as cancer, Parkison’s, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and depression, among others. One trending way of using the plant is by bong. Bongs are iconic devices for regular stoners and have existed for ages. In contrast, dab rigs are newly made consumption devices for marijuana and are considered better versions of bongs. The difference is that bongs can be used for tobacco, flower, and dry herb, but dab rigs are good with wax, honey, and oil. But they are both regarded as water pipes with a percolation filter system that converts the substance to vapor. Either way, you can purchase any of these devices from a store, dispensary, or shop. Even though the devices are similar, they work differently and have different benefits, which are intertwined. If you’re a new stoner and want to know the difference between these instruments, here are some points you need to be informed on concerning these devices.

What is a Dab Rig?

The dab rig has celebrated a few anniversaries in the cannabis world, but nothing can stop the trend as stoners queue up in stores to purchase them. These devices are identical to bongs, but you can spot the difference from a mile away. The experience is also different and completely astonishing. Remember that the device is only meant for concentrates because it has no combustion chamber. The modes of using these devices are different. For dab rigs, you start by heating the nail, place some concentrates on the red hot nail, then inhale through the water system, which filters the vapor.

The Benefits

Although the rigs are smaller in structure, they have harsh hits regardless of design or cost. The flavor is powerful, creating a dab-tastic hit. The flavors are miraculous because of the low and steady heating. The device has a button to regulate the heating effect on the marijuana. The device has a cap to seal the nail or banger, converting it to a low-heated oven to vapourize the weed. The weed or concentrate in the device evaporates completely at a low temperature. Undoubtedly, top rated dab rigs are discrete, portable, and one of the safer ways to use marijuana.

What is a Bong?

The bong is another popular method of consuming cannabis; thus, it is also considered a safer method. The device has been in existence and, shockingly, still trending because of its evolution. There are numerous bongs online, in stores, and in dispensaries with different functions, each fulfilling a need. They are perfect for a private and social show, convenient and durable. A bong has different components, such as the water chamber, pipe, mouthpiece, and bowl. The vapor is inhaled through the mouthpiece connected to the water chamber. The weed is heated in the bowl and inhaled through the mouthpiece. It is a great challenge that you’ll overcome with time. If you intend to become a professional as a beginner, then the bong is for you.

The Benefits

The bong makes the vapor cooler and smooth for inhaling. The cooling system reduces the harshness of the smoke preventing your lungs from facing damage. The water chamber is added to extract harmful substances such as toxins and carcinogens, reducing exposure to lung diseases. A bong is an easy and quick process, and the experience is smooth compared to other consumption methods. Natural smoke is created through the filtration of substances like paper or mixes, which are added to some consumption methods. Bongs can be assembled and used on the move, making them portable for travelers. You cannot undermine the durability and long lifespan of this device.


Remember that the article only provides information to help you get the desired method you want. But both methods are executive, explicit, and word-class ways to consume weed. However, the choice boils down to personal experience, so it is best to try both methods before concluding on the right one. You may prefer the bong to dab, and others may choose the rig over the bong, but whatever you’re burning – concentrates or dry herbs – also affects your instrument. A water pipe can be a dab or bong, depending on the extra parts added to the device.


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