Getting the most out of your luxury RV isn’t hard. The key to having the best time you can have with your luxury RV is knowing all the ways that it can help to serve you and your family as you set out on new adventures.

The number one benefit to getting a luxury RV is without doubt – comfort. There are a multitude of incredible differences that a luxury level RV can bring to your adventuring activities, however none are as noticeable as the increased levels of comfort and style.

You not only get a chance to go to some of the most beautiful locations in the United States with an unprecedented amount of ease, but you can do it in incredible style with a comfort that will make you wonder if you ever even left your house!

Coming back to a spacious, luxury master bedroom with a king sized bed after an incredible day of hiking the Grand Tetons gives you something to look forward to. Looking to take a couple of friends along for the journey? All bowlus luxury RV models can comfortably sleep up to four people with the same kind of comfort you would expect from home.

Not only that, but by using HEPA air filters along with UVC technology, Bowlus luxury RVs can guarantee that you will be sleeping in clean, filtered air perfect for getting your energy restored for another day of adventuring.

Eat What You Want – When You Want

A big part of traveling is always experiencing different foods from different parts of the country – however, long trips or even remote getaways make having access to a kitchen a massive bonus. Bowlus RV’s sport a fully functioning, mini kitchen in their galley complete with microwave, fridge and freezer along with a two burner stove top.

Grab your favorite ingredients, stalk up on your favorite foods, and go off the grid. You deserve some alone time, and now you can have it and still make all your favorite meals.

Just Because Your Off the Grid Doesn’t Mean You Have to Be Cut Off

With 3G and 4G, private internet connection and built in secure GPS, your luxury RV can keep you connected when you need to be connected from almost anywhere. Pull off the beaten path and explore the wild, and still be able to respond to that email or facetime your loved one from the comfort of the living room in your Bowlus luxury RV.

For Zero Emission Consumers

If you have an EV it’s never been easier to connect and go! Our luxury RVs provide not only dependable bluetooth bake connections to each vehicle they interact with, but also supply a microcharge for when you are pushing it a little close. With a dependable power source trailing behind you, a Bowlus microcharge can get you up to sixteen extra miles in a pinch.

You Are Not Limited to Convention

With a powerful lithium iron phosphate power supply, Bowlus luxury RVs ensure that you can go boondocking whenever your heart desires. What is boondocking? Boondocking is the ability to take your RV truly off grid.

Technically, almost any RV can boondock but some may not be able to stay powered so you can enjoy their amenities. Bowlus luxury RVs however, are some of the best RV’s on the market for allowing you to experience up to 2 weeks of energy supply per-one charge. This means that you won’t have to boondock in a powerless shell, but can actually enjoy all the amenities of your RV. Heated floors, cold fridges, charging stations for your electronics, and in some models up to two nights of heating and cooling!

Need a recharge – just pop over to a powersource and recharge easily in three to four hours and you are ready to jump back into the adventure.

Feel Good About It!

The most important thing to remember when trying to get the most out of your luxury RV is to feel good about it! This beautiful piece of machinery is perfect for complementing any natural aesthetic no matter where you take it through the United States.

With the built in, secure GPS you can also mark out new camping zones or share your locations with friends when you want company. Also, through new bluetooth integration all the technical aspects of your RV are accessible so you don’t have to worry about not knowing your power levels or when to recharge.

Explore, adventure and love it the whole time.


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