Prescription eyeglasses are essential accessories for people with eyesight problems. When choosing your eyeglasses, you invest your money and time to get glasses with the right frame, shade, color, pattern and size.

After buying the glasses, many people do not concern themselves with keeping them safe. Neglect, mishandling, oversight and incorrect cleaning techniques cause the rapid deterioration and damage of the glasses. Something avoidable if you protect your glasses on-the-go after you leave the store.

Below is the importance of keeping your glasses safe and how to do it on-the-go.

1. Avoid Permanent Damage of the Glasses

Neglecting, mishandling and incorrect cleaning of your glasses can lead to permanent damage. Another reason that can cause permanent damage to your contact glasses is dust/dirt.

The dust/dirt particles cause scratches on the lenses, making them difficult to use. As a result, you are forced to replace the lenses, and if you continue to neglect taking care of them, you are forced to replace them constantly.

2. Prevent Eye Strain

As earlier stated, dirt/dust cause scratches on the lenses of the glasses. These scratches reduce visibility and cause eye strain if the glasses are persistently worn. The eye strain culminates in headaches and/or blurry vision.

3. Prolong Lifespan

Poorly kept glasses have a short lifespan. However, if you protect your glasses, you can use them for more than 3 years, depending on the quality of the frames. By keeping your glasses safe, you reduce the number of trips you make to an eyeglass accessories store.

How You Can Protect Your Glasses On-The-Go

If you want to protect your glasses, you need to know how to clean, store and wear them properly. Here are guidelines on how to best clean, store and wear your contact glasses.


When you wear your glasses constantly and touch them frequently, they become dirty due to fingerprints, dust and other types of grime. As a result, the visibility of the lenses reduces, requiring you to clean your eye glasses.

The general cleaning method to follow to keep your glasses safe while avoiding damaging them involves:

  • Spray a cleaning solution. Moisturizing the lenses before wiping them helps avoid scratches that can result from dry wiping.
  • Wipe with a microfiber cloth. Most prescription glasses come with a microfiber cloth. The cloth is super fine to avoid abrasion of the lenses. Avoid using your cloth, towel or tissue paper as they can cause scratches.
  • Air dry the lenses before putting the glasses back on.

The glass lenses might get dirty while you are not at home. To avoid resulting in cleaning techniques that can damage the glasses, it is best that you keep the cleaning materials with you at all times. Also, it is important to deep clean your glasses so that you can remove dirt on the flames.


How you store your glasses when not wearing them also determines how safe they are and how long they hold up. Here are things you need to observe to store your glasses safely:

  • Store in a hard case. Ensure you store them in their case whenever you are not wearing your glasses. Even when putting the glasses in a bag, ensure they are first placed in a case.
  • Have a backup case. The backup case comes in hand in case the one you are using breaks or gets lost.
  • Store the glasses with the lenses facing up. When placing the glasses in the case, ensure the lenses are up. Otherwise, the lenses are likely to get scratched when placed down.
  • Keep the glasses away from sinks. The glasses are likely to get exposed to corrosive substances.
  • Put the glasses away from hot areas. The heat can damage the plastic frames.


Your glass wearing habits can cause either damage or keep the glasses safe for long. Here are the correct wearing habits to observe to protect your contact glasses:

  • Use both hands when wearing the glasses. Use both your hands to direct the temple arms over the ear lobes. By doing so, you avoid damaging the alignment of the glasses and the hinges.
  • Don’t put your glasses on your head. Putting the glasses on the head widens the temple arms making the glasses lose. If tired of wearing your glasses, take them off and place them in a hard case.
  • Don’t push on the bridge. Pull the glasses back using the temple arms instead of pushing them back using the bridge. Putting pressure on the bridge can distort it.



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