With a basic understanding of flower types and planting techniques, you can have a lively garden that will be the envy of your neighbors all summer long. From marigolds to sunflowers, here are the best—and easiest—summer flowers to grow. You don’t need a green thumb with any of these popular summer garden picks.


Many consider this flower a go-to for gardens, as it’s easy to grow when given an adequate amount of sun. They’re versatile enough to thrive in moist or dry soil, even without any fertilizer.

2Sweet Alyssum
sweet alyssum

These dainty flowers, often used for landscape edging, prefer full sun. Their honey fragrance and pretty hues (they come in white, pink, and purple) make them a popular pick for gardens.

sedum flowers

If there’s an area of your garden that doesn’t get enough water or receives too much sun, this flower is for you. Their height differs depending on the variety you choose, and you’ll find them in pink, yellow, or red.


Many gardeners like these cheerful flowers, which have a minty fragrance, for edging. Go for well-drained soil with a reasonable amount of fertilizer and tons of sun to allow these flowers to flourish.


These vivid flowers come in more than 70 different varieties and tend to attract bees. Regardless of soil conditions, they typically grow beautifully as long as they have full sun. Heliotropism, meaning when flowers grow in response to sunlight, are more apparent in heirloom varieties.


This flower, which normally grows up to four feet tall, is a great choice to brighten up your garden. But keep in mind that Japanese beetles are drawn to white zinnias, so select a different variety if they’re popular in your region.


Enjoy the beauty of pansies—a popular choice for flowerbed work—by relying on well-drained soil and shady areas.


From eye-catching rose to bold orange, you’ll find begonias in a number of gorgeous colors. Once they’re placed in the shade, they can blossom in pots or in a landscape environment.


This easy-to-grow flower simply needs adequate water to last all summer long. However, they’re known to attract several kinds of pests and diseases, including powdery mildew.

10Morning Glories
close  up of a morning glory garden plant in full summer bloom horizontal format

With a bit of shade and full sun, you can enjoy these trumpet-shaped flowers. They can tolerate challenging conditions, but favor moist, well-drained soil. Use them as dense ground cover or to add interest to a trellis or fence.

11Sweet Peas
close up of sweet pea plants lathyrus odoratus in flower in a garden

Often found in bi-colors, pastels, and blues, sweet peas are versatile enough to do well in containers or in the ground. Just choose your varieties wisely, as certain types are more suitable for warm weather than others.

12Moss Rose
portulaca grandiflora moss rose

Let this low-maintenance flower, which can reach up to 8 inches tall, also serve as great groundcover. It responds best to well-drained soil and dry environments.

peony flower blooming in japanese garden

These show-stopping, fragrant blooms can work in both warm and cool climates. To allow peonies to flourish, avoid windy locations and give them full sun and well-drained soil.

14Shasta Daisies

Known for being deer-resistant, these low-maintenance perennials feature pretty flowers and stems that can grow up to four feet tall. They can also attract bugs that are beneficial to your garden.


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