A memory foam mattress has a combination of springs and support foam for an outstanding level of comfort and support. When you lay on a memory foam mattress, it’ll soften and mold to your body shape, providing a unique and comfortable experience. The foam bounces back slowly when you remove the pressure so that you’re never woken up in a strange position.

The memory-foam mattress’ body-forming properties limit the transfer of motion activity. This means the person you’re sleeping on is protected from restless partners and light sleepers alike. These mattresses are great for those couples who toss and turn all night. The soft, responsive feel of the foam also makes them an excellent option for light sleepers. And, they’re affordable!

Why Do Memory Foam Mattress Sag So Quickly

One of the first questions you should ask yourself when purchasing a new memory foam mattress is why it sags so quickly. Most manufacturers only cover the first inch of sagging, so if you have a one-inch sag, you should contact your mattress manufacturer for assistance. You can also flip the mattress over to restore its original shape. This can take a few days to several weeks, but you can rest assured that your new bed will help your neck and back.

  • By using a mattress topper or pad, you can extend the life of your memory foam mattress. A topper will prevent sagging by putting pressure on a new spot, while a pad will help avoid the sagging from reoccurring.
  • Also, changing the position of your mattress is another way to restore your sinking, sagging, and dead mattress. Changing the status of your mattress periodically will prevent it from sagging in a specific area. While you won’t be able to fix the entire problem on your own, you can still get a new mattress if you want to improve your quality of sleep. To know more about how to fix the sagging of your memory foam mattress, read this article further.

Steps To Fix The Sagging Of Your Mattress

Fixing The Box Spring:

If your mattress is sagging because of a bad box spring, you may need to consider repairing it. Most warranties cover damage up to a certain depth, but more minor sags will not be covered. If your mattress is sagging only a few inches, the box spring likely is to blame. If you can push your hand across the box spring, it will probably support the weight of your mattress. If it’s too soft, consider laying it on its side.

Rotating Your Mattress:

If your mattress is sagging because of a faulty foundation, there are some things you can do to restore it. Make sure to rotate it regularly. If you don’t, it will continue to sag and eventually need to be repaired. It would help if you turned your mattress or flipped it occasionally to fix this problem. This will improve pressure distribution. You can also look for mattresses online with better brands having better warranty. For that you need to learn online mattress shopping tips.

Use A Waterproof Material:

Restoring your mattress is simple. The next step is to prevent further sagging by using a waterproof material. A mattress made of 100% memory foam cannot be turned, so you can’t flip it. You can cover the pillow top with a mattress pad if this doesn’t work.

Getting A New Mattress Topper:

If your mattress is sagging because of a foundation problem, there are several ways to restore it. A new mattress topper, additional support, and a sturdy bed frame can refresh your memory foam mattress to its original condition. But in some cases, the problem can be caused by a different issue altogether. In this case, you may need to replace the bed frame. If your bed frame is too heavy, you should try to replace it with a new one.

Look For The Reason Of Sagging:

To restore a memory foam mattress, you must first determine the cause of the sagging. This will determine whether or not a manufacturing defect causes the sagging or if the underlying structure is too thick. In addition to these problems, you must consider repairing your memory foam mattress with a permanent fix. Regardless of the type, this is not an easy task, but it is vital to make sure your mattress is in good shape and keeps its shape.

Get A Firmer Bed:

Your bed should be firm. Your bed should not be too low or too high. If it is too low, the mattress will be too unstable to be comfortable. You should make sure it is on a flat platform. It will also help prevent your mattress from sagging. A flat platform bed can help you maintain its shape and prolong its life. If your mattress is too high, you may need to use a platform bed.

Placing A Plywood:

A straightforward fix is to place a sheet of plywood under the bed foundation. It is a cheap and quick fix that can be done quickly. To check whether the mattress is sagging, place it on the plywood. You can add additional sheets or even plywood if it is too firm. However, this solution is only temporary. You will need to remove the old mattress first before doing this.

If your mattress is more than ten years old, you must get it replaced. While it may be possible to patch it with a plywood board, it will not last long and could even lead to orthopedic problems. As soon as you can find a new mattress, you can start caring for it as early as possible. And if you’re willing to invest the money, consider supporting a new base.

Not only, but your mattress is also essential for having a healthy body. Consider washing sheets on a regular basis as well to stay healthy. Sleeping on clean sheets will ensure you stay free from diseases.


A memory foam mattress is the best choice for any individual who has issues with sleeping. It helps your spine and muscles stay aligned. It also keeps your body cool. It also reduces aches and pains while you sleep. A memory foam mattress will make sleeping a breeze. You will be glad you invested in yourself and your health. You’ll find that a memory foam mattress is a suitable choice for you!


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