Summer is the perfect time to start experimenting with fun nail art, and one trend that’s emerging this season is tie-dye! Yep, the abstract design that you’ve been attempting on your sweats has now made its way to becoming a beauty trend.

Tie-dye nails aren’t hard to achieve. “What I love about tie-dye nails is that you don’t really need any fancy tools to achieve a cool effect,” nail artist Chelsea King says. “I always recommend a cleanup nail brush because it’s great for fixing any mistakes around the cuticle,” she adds, “but it’s also handy for achieving this watercolor tie dye effect.”

As for colors, start with a nice white nail polish or neutral shade for a base. For the actual tie-dye effect, King says she prefers using contrasting pastel colors to make the design pop, while nail artist Alicia Torello says she likes using shades of the same color family — you can’t go wrong either way. Here’s how to do the nail trend right at home with any nail polish of your choice, even if you’re a beginner.

What you need:

A base coatOne neutral base colorTwo or more colored nail polish A cleanup nail brush or small makeup sponge


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