If you have never gotten a straight razor wet shave then you are missing out. It’s about as close as a guy can get to pampering himself at a spa. Don’t think that it’s just a shave. It is totally a different experience than just getting the whiskers off of your face.

The feeling is of pure relaxation and the sensation is really something special. You can even do it yourself and have that sensation a couple of times per week. It’s also great to feel like you’ve mastered something that not many people know how to do.

In this article, we will go over what a wet shave with a straight razor is all about.

What you need 

Part of the thrill of the shave is having a kit that is specially made for this purpose. Collecting the gear is half the fun.

You’ll obviously need a straight-edge razor, to begin with. Look for German or Japanese steel as those are the ones made with the best craftsmanship and work much better. They are expensive but will last a lifetime so consider it an investment.

Next up is the sharpening stone and strop to keep the edge in perfect shape. There is a learning curve when it comes to keeping your razor sharp, but there is no way around it. A sharp razor is essential.

Another essential is the badger hair shaving brush. Part of the wet shave is getting the soap on your face and there is no substitute for the badger hair brush. It is going to soak the skin with water to make for a smooth shave. In addition, it will lift up the whiskers to get you a very close shave.

Lastly, you’ll need shaving soap and an after-shave. The soap is what you will use to make the lather with the brush and a bowl. Don’t get anything in a can as it doesn’t work the same and defeats the whole purpose of doing a wet shave. To finish off the shave you need a good aftershave to tighten up the pores and disinfect the skin.

What to expect 

When you are able to give yourself a wet shave, the game completely changes. It does take quite a bit longer than your typical shave with a can of shaving cream and a disposable razor. However, when you use good soap and a badger brush, you get an incredible sensation of luxury.

Then, when you take slow and deliberate strokes with the straight razor, the feeling is like a delightful tingle on the skin. When you finish the shave, your skin is almost like it is pulsing with electricity but in a good way. You should go over the face again with the razor and a light coating of soap. This will give you a shave as smooth as you’ve ever had. The shave will last longer, as well. You can easily go up to three days in between shaves when you do a wet shave.


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