Life can be hectic, a whirlwind of responsibilities that screams overwhelm. The anecdote, stillness, a semblance of quiet to disengage from reality, and recharge a lingering fatigue. While we inherently know that overwhelm isn’t good, how often do we take time for ourselves?

We can be reckless with our health, neglecting the voice that shouts, “slow down.” Even with the bombardment of resources on self-care, we stubbornly keep pushing forward, often feeling defeated, and losing our edge along the way.

Losing our edge, while a messy process, is a beautiful reminder to reset, stimulating the fierce fire within that says, “you got this, charge forward.” This nudge is an opportunity to embrace what is, encouraging authenticity to be the guiding source.

Yoga holds space for fierce to cultivate; it’s a cultivation of power, an inner strength that provokes the real you. Come exactly as you are, no judgements. It’s an invitation to bear witness to who you are, harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit. What can be more alluring than that?

Here are 5 practices to help stimulate your fierce.

  1. The Breath: When we’re out of sorts, breathing becomes restricted, out of sync, lacking a comfortable rhythm, and we desperately look forward to a moment to simply catch our breath. Breathing is a concrete action of input and output, yet this simple action turns complex when we feel in over our heads.

With attention to the breath, the transition between the sympathetic nervous system (inhale) and parasympathetic nervous system (exhale), our imperfections become an integral part of our growth, seen not as flaws, but unwavering allies that help us find meaning.

  1. Power Pose: Some days we need a reminder that we’re amazing despite our perceived imperfections. A moment in time to defer responsibility and ground in our power. A pose that screams, “I’m standing in my power” or “This is me.”

Yoga has various poses to choose from, but you’re also invited to come as you are. If you have a stance or movement that makes you feel like you can conquer the world, let that be your power pose. Remember to place attention on the breath, and if you want to get extra creative, add a sound or mantra, a phrase you can repeat, that supports you to root in your power.

  1. Meditation: Silence, friend or foe? Depending on the day, the answer could sway distinctly in one direction. Sitting within the stillness of who you are can attract negative chatter and a hyper focus on what’s not working. It’s daring to sit in your complexities, allowing whatever arises, to simply be.

Meditation gives silence power, inviting a greater understanding of who we are to emerge. When we mindfully connect, we focus on the present moment, no longer attaching to what was. We let go of what’s to come, allowing the present moment to grab our attention.

With daily practice, silence becomes an ally, allowing us to listen to what we need most.  We give ourselves priority, synchronizing mind and body for increased strength and mental clarity. Alongside the many health benefits, meditation offers different ways to practice, so finding your meditative fit opens the door to bravely welcome what works best for you.

  1. Detachment: With the many hats we wear, it’s easy to define ourselves by the various roles we play. We assign expectations, sometimes unrealistic ones, for how to act, what to say, giving meaning to our every action. We analyze until we’re exhausted, or we compare ourselves to others.

What if there’s an alternative to the self-inflicted scrutiny? We can strip away these layers, letting go of constructs. Ridding labels. No more titles. This can be incredibly freeing. Shedding creates connectedness, because in this bare, raw form, comparisons don’t exist, and expectations don’t lead. We simply are.

  1. Intentions: Acting with awareness. I often think that “aha” moments give way to insights. We gain more clarity, yet the “aha” can quickly turn into an “uh oh,” especially when we consciously know, we can no longer hide behind impulsive action.

Sometimes, we don’t want to U-turn. We recklessly push forward, though in awareness, knowing that the outcome won’t be favorable. When we’re intentional about our choices, change inevitably happens. So be permissive, in time U-turns will become less frequent, and a new pattern will emerge.

Yoga is a powerful practice, challenging us to recognize our most captivating selves. The invitation remains open; you’re invited to connect with your most dynamic self. 

Christina Trujillo Sieren, is an author, speaker, and mom of two. Christina is a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice specializing in high-risk adolescents and families. Her focus is on helping people choose their “edge” and embrace the unknown that lies ahead. She is the Founder and Lead Coach of Unapparent Parenting, INC., where she provides coaching to parents of teens. Christina supports parents to question mainstream parenting concepts and embrace the messiest of moments, daring parents to re-define their most authentic parenting blueprint from the inside out. Christina is the author of Parenting Teen Girls: A Positive Parenting Approach to Raising Health, Independent Daughters. For more information and to connect with Christina, visit


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