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Wood floors are known for their luxurious looks and impressive durability. However, they are more difficu

Buying an Area Rug

Shopping for rugs can be both fun and intimidating. There are so many choices in color, style, and fiber
Interior design and pets – two topics you will rarely see together in the same sentence, never mind with
Wood flooring has a timeless look that can add tremendous warmth to a new or newly remodeled home. It giv
If you are the type of person who likes to buy things when there is no rush, you can take your time choos
Your bedroom is where you rest and recharge after a long, hectic day, so there's no reason why you wouldn't want it to feel like a retreat. With a few simple decor upgrades — think smart furniture choices, soothing paint colors, chic window treatments, and tasteful accessories, you can have the inviting bedroom you've always dreamed of. Ready to craft...
If a full kitchen renovation isn't on your calendar for the near future, the next best thing is to find simple ways to refresh your cooking space. Believe it or not, achieving an entirely new look doesn't have to mean knocking down all of your walls. If you settle on the right mix of accessories, whether it's a stylish...
The kitchen is the heart of the home, and when you're a mom of five, this is even more true. Consider the case of Atlanta-based interior designer Erika Ward, who admits it was imperative for her recent kitchen renovation to be conducive to her active lifestyle, especially now that she and her husband are working more from home. Ward craved...
It's safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted just about every industry, including the home space, to some extent. With many being forced to work from home, more and more people have shifted their focus towards nesting. Scroll through Instagram, for instance, and you'll find hosts of images featuring decorating projects — refreshed home offices are just...
As we're spending more time indoors, finding ways to make your space more stylish, comfortable, and functional has likely been at the top of your to-do list. The pandemic has motivated many to transform their workspaces, refresh their living room layouts, rethink kitchen pantry setups, and carve out nooks just for self-care. To put it simply, the coronavirus pandemic...

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