As we’re spending more time indoors, finding ways to make your space more stylish, comfortable, and functional has likely been at the top of your to-do list. The pandemic has motivated many to transform their workspaces, refresh their living room layouts, rethink kitchen pantry setups, and carve out nooks just for self-care. To put it simply, the coronavirus pandemic has encouraged many people to place more value on their homes, and put more thought into how their environment can better suit their lifestyle.

We couldn’t help but to ask a selection of go-to Black designers to share how they’ve reworked their homes in light of the quarantine. Read on for their decorating pointers, which might just inspire you to take your own home to the next level.

Kesha Franklin

black designers home tips kesha franklin

“My guest room is always prepped and ready for guests, but during COVID-19, our guest visits have been minimal. I’ve repurposed my guest room as a retreat away from my normal routine in the house with weekend naps, catch-up calls with girlfriends, and some late-evening sourcing on my laptop with a cup of Earl Grey tea or a glass of German riesling. I’ve been grateful to have this additional place of escape to reset, recharge, and stay creative. My tip while quarantined at home is to find a room or nook that you can call your own for some much-needed mental download and self-care.”


Raymond Barberousse

black designers home tips raymond barberousse

“We spend a lot of time these days in one of our favorite spots in the house: the dining area. It’s where we eat delicious home-cooked meals, plant seeds, or play games. There are a few things that have made this area into a retreat during the quarantine: studio PGRB’s lighting above the dining table which gives off a warm, inviting glow throughout the day and into the evening hours along with bringing the outdoors inside. The lush plants, herbs, fruits, and flowers bring a liveliness and freshness to the area that serves as a daily reminder of nature’s magic.”


Whitney Jones

black designers home tips whitney jones

“Being in quarantine has further emphasized the power of maximizing storage in a home. I recently transformed my dining room from a dated, ugly waste of space, to a beautiful, functional, formal place to gather with family. I added a gorgeous built-in bookcase and two bar cabinets to help organize not just the dining room, but my kitchen, as well. Now, I’m able to display the fun stuff (my cute tchotchkes and all the books I’ve been buying during quarantine), as well as the items I’d like to keep hidden, like my dishware, extra alcohol, and kitchen appliances. The extra storage has kept me from getting overwhelmed with clutter, which would be terrible to deal with during an extended quarantine.”


Robin Wilson

black designers home tips robin wilson

“One of the things that I love to do is to read books, and I was able to transform a room into a tranquil space, and make it a place for my daughter to study during remote learning and quarantine moments. My furniture source was Renovation Angel in Fairfield, NJ, and they had a 10-foot bookcase that was one step from the landfill that cost $300, including delivery. Up-cycling brown furniture can be the way to create your dream since many people do not buy dark furniture and you can find some gently used bargains. My DIY moment began with watching YouTube and learning how to sand and apply primer to cover the scratches. Then the painting began. My carpenter pulled out the crown molding and finished the base with a foot panel and an electrician pulled out the plug from the wall. Now the piece looks like a built-in, and I have a peaceful library space in my home.”


Neffi Walker

black designers home tips neffi walker

“I find scents in a home can change your emotion and mood, so burning The Black Home candles throughout our home totally set the mood for reading time with my daughter or even a bath time soak during these long, stress-filled days.”


Leyden Lewis

black designers home tips leyden lewis

“A great way to spend my time outside of binge-watching TV and listening to our governor is to organize our collection of art, including photographs. It’s building a story board and a narrative between images. It can feel like creating a puzzle to which only I can find the key to unlock. As we rotate works by friends and colleagues, we lay everything on the floor and compose it there then lift the idea, piece by piece, onto the walls.”


Keyanna Bowen

black designers home tips keyanna bowen

“One quarantine decorating tip I have is making floral arrangements and centerpieces with collected foliage. It’s so quick and easy to do, and free! Just by simply putting a few collected flowers, greenery, and branches in a vase instantly makes the space feel more lively and elevated. Plus, it allows me to spend time outdoors in nature, which is so important and therapeutic during quarantine.”


Breegan Jane

black designers home tips breegan jane

“This year has surfaced many new unexpected transitions. I went from being a full-time working single mom to a stay-at-home teacher for my two sons while still balancing my career in the juggle of it all. More so now than ever, we’ve been spending time at home, which is why I’ve made some changes around the house to help ensure a more comfortable environment. For me, it’s imperative that I find a little me-time to obtain a solid reset to keep embarking on the days to come. For that reason, I decided to switch out my bathroom light bulbs to Bulbrite Solana’s smart LED bulbs. These lights create a zen ambiance with a quick adjustment to a warm and dim tone. There really isn’t anything better than a glass of wine, bath soak, and relaxing atmosphere to reboot the soul. Light bulbs are a frequently overlooked feature of our homes yet are super easy to swap out and immediately facilitate a healthy lifestyle.”



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