Each of the four seasons offer unique opportunities for growth that contribute to Radiant Living. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter provide specific wisdom and calls to action when mapped onto our lives. Every season has a purpose and the current season of your life with change and evolve into the next as you continue your journey. The seasons of earth are a period of time that hold distinct characteristics and attributes. Let’s take a look at how the different seasons can be a guide to your personal transformation story.  

  1. Spring: The spring season brings forth new life. The movement of spring is outward with the green leaf unfurling and reaching towards the sunlight. This is a time to focus on growth and what may be blossoming in your life. Give attention to the what ‘seeds’ you may be planting physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With the fresh energy of spring, be attuned for new opportunities that may be presenting itself. Open your heart and mind to possibilities. Identify what cultivates joy in your life and put energy there. Stand in the way of beauty and capture those moments with gratitude.

What is currently blossoming in your life?

What type of movement and growth is important for you to honor in this season?

  1. Summer: The summer sunshine arrives and brings with it a time to play along with nurturing what has started to grow. Here it is important to fertilize what has been planted and cultivate healthy and empowering habits in your life. The ingredients of the fertilizer ought to include nourishing, persisting, caring for, and protecting. Think about what thoughts you want to hold that serve in the direction of becoming the best version of you. It is also imperative to dig up the weeds in your life, identifying self-limiting beliefs or unhealthy habits. These may be the self-sabotaging type of weed that needs to be addressed in order to not become an impediment. With the weeds pulled, continue to water. 

What ‘inner weeds’ need to be pulled in order to not get in the way of your growth?

What needs to be watered in your life and what specific fertilizer is important to include? 

  1. Fall: The fall is a time of harvest and taking stock of the abundance with gratitude. Harvesting the fruits of your labor and effort. It is a season to celebrate the successes and learn from the failures. Attending to what has been going well in your life and what has not been going so well. Learning from your mistakes as your growing edges can serve to shape the future trajectory as you make adaptations where needed. In the fall, some of the things you started in spring will be coming to an end. You may find yourself continuing to water what is already dead. Identify if there are any areas of your life where you need to move on. While difficult, letting go can be a freeing experience, especially if you are releasing something that has been toxic to your soul and deadening instead of life-giving.

What are you continuing to hold onto that really needs to be released in a ‘letting go’ process?

What are your most significant ‘harvests’ in this season of your life? 

  1. Winter: The winter time ushers in a period of cold and with less light there may be an aspect of darkness to navigate through. This season is marked by a time to go dormant in a certain way, going indoors and reflecting on the inner landscape of your heart. There may be a life pause and time to rest. It is also important to gather and integrate all that has been learned in other seasons and use this to plan how to move forward. It is a time of conceiving and allowing new ideas and dreams to be formed. Winter months may also be walking through a loss and taking extra time to engage in self-care, seeking to find hope in the midst of so much darkness. Taking time to reflect, pause, plan, and grieve, if necessary, are some of the inner tasks of the winter season. 

What are some of your most important insights that you will use as a plan for next steps?

In what ways might you pause, rest, and reflect this winter season of your life? 

There is so much wisdom and guidance for actions to take in your life when we translate each of the four seasons into a personal transformation journey. What season of life are you in now? Use the seasons to aid you in your own growth process and discover your way to Radiant Living.

Karen Corona is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and has a psychotherapy practice in Portland, Oregon. She specializes in helping women heal from childhood trauma. Karen brings her training in expressive arts therapy to her coaching business and is certified as a Wellness & Recovery Clini-Coach®. In this capacity, she helps women in sobriety creatively transform their recovery in order to live radiant lives.

You can connect with Karen at www.karencoronalcsw.com  and www.karencorona.com.


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