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Gift Ideas For Fitness People

If you have a fit minded person on your gift list that you need to pick up a gift for, it’s great to come

When Is The Best Time to Exercise

One question that many people often ask themselves as they go about their workout routine is when the bes

What Do You Need to Consider When Selecting a Personal Trainer

Do you think it is important to be cautious and do a little research when selecting a doctor? Most people

Why You Should Stretch Before A Workout

One element of the workout program that is too often overlooked by many people is stretching. You’re ants

Free Weights Versus Machines – Which is Better?

One question that you might have come to ask yourself as you go about your strength training routine is w

Running In Cold Weather – Layering your Clothing Properly

As the temperature dips, if youre someone who still gets excited at the thought of going for a run outdoo

Grit and Grace: How I Lost 200 Pounds of Baby Weight

As a mother of 5 children I’ve gained and lost around 200 pounds in the last decade. As a Prairie Wife li

7 Best Dubai Health & Fitness Clubs & Gyms

If youre looking for a great workout, Dubai has some of the best health and fitness clubs in the world. W

Setting Reasonable And Attainable Weight Loss Goals

After making the decision to get started on a fat loss workout and diet program, the next thing that you

Cross Trainers vs Running Shoes

What is the difference between running shoes and cross trainers? Is there not a very simple answer to thi

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