There is more to buying a hand dryer than simply picking one from a supermarket shelf. It would help if you were keen to pick the appropriate hand dryer for your specific needs. There are several different factors to consider to make a more informed choice. These include:

  1. The Cost

Hand dryers cost anywhere between £150 and just above £1000. The cost of a hand dryer will vary depending on the make, model, and features of the same. The most basic dryer is considerably much cheaper, and although it will get the job done, it isn’t feature-rich either. Hand dryers equipped with several features, a higher power rating, and an infrared sensor thus cost much more and are faster too. Going for the top-of-the-line energy-efficient dryers also means you’ll spend more.

Consider buying commercial hand dryers that fit the specific use and application. The more expensive but feature-rich hand dryers would make a worthy investment if looking to use them in a high-end restaurant or business. If you only need the dryer for a smaller business, say burger place, then a midrange dryer would do just fine. Although you might be looking to save some money in the purchase, paying a bit more for energy-star rated and efficient dryers is the right move. Energy-efficient models use less energy, thus lowering operating costs in the long run. Some of these dryers are durable and could last for years before needing to be replaced.

  1. Speed

How fast is the dryer? This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself or the attendant before making an order. This is especially crucial if looking to use the dryer in a busy restaurant or commercial building. The best hand dryers take as little as 10 seconds to dry your hands,  with the lowest quality taking even longer than 45 seconds for the same results. Forty-five seconds is quite a long time to wait in the bathroom, a reason you want to go for faster models.

Most reasonably priced hand dryers are fast enough and cost anything between $250 and $600. You can still find a high-speed dryer within this range too. However, a little patience and window-shopping are required to find a good deal. If anything, make an effort to go for the fastest hand dryer you can afford

  1. Power

This again relates to how fast the dryer will dry your hands thoroughly. Most high-powered hand dryers are capable of doing the job with a fraction of the time a regular one would take. It is also worth noting that a high-powered hand dryer could be more efficient than a regular one. This is because it only takes, say 10 seconds, to dry your hands, while the regular one would take a whole 45 seconds for the same results. By running for a shorter time, the energy consumed in the long run will be much lower. The only downside of high-powered hand dryers is that they can be loud.

  1. Noise

It goes without saying that any high-powered machine/equipment will be loud. That said, a high-powered hand dryer will most likely be louder than the regular low-power dryer.   Where the hand dryer will be installed can determine whether to go for the faster but louder dryers or, the quieter, slower ones. The slower, quieter one would be the perfect choice if used in quiet zones or focus areas. Some manufacturers use adjustable motors on their high-powered devices to curb this issue to allow the consumer to adjust performance and noise levels accordingly.

While we’d all love to have a quiet but fast hand dryer, no manufacturer has been able to master this yet. You thus have to choose one over the other. If speed is a priority in your company/organization, you might then have to put up with the noise produced and vice versa.

  1. Energy Consumption

As confusing as it may sound, high-speed hand dryers are more energy-efficient than slower ones. Automatic, high-speed hand dryers perform even better too. This is because the device will only turn on when in use and back off after putting your hands away. If concerned about overall energy consumption and high energy bills, go for the automatic high-powered hand dryers.

You could also opt for hand dryers that don’t use heating elements too. These dryers use far less energy by blowing air alone and are often marketed as eco-friendly. You, however, shouldn’t expect the same results and performance as it is with those with heating elements inside.

Going for the most energy-efficient hand dryer is a sure way to save on energy bills and is good for the environment too. Hand dryers also go a long way in eliminating the need for paper towels, especially in commercial settings where wastage would be massive. If your company advocates for going green, investing in a hand dryer is a sure way to reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Durability

This is one of the first things you’ll consider when buying anything. Investing in a durable hand dryer means you will not be going back to the market for the same anytime soon. Nevertheless, the setting where the hand dryer will be used can determine whether it will last long or not. A hand dryer used in an office setting will probably last longer than if the same were to be used in an elementary school. This is because most adults are responsible and conscious of their actions, while little kids will likely pick on the device, wanting to know how it works. That said, commercial hand dryers come with warranties. Those with extended warranties tend to be more durable and value for money, hence worth considering.

  1. Hygiene

Germs are a common issue, especially for shared spaces and restrooms. One way to reduce the spread of germs in the workplace is to have a hands-off hand dryer installed. Automatic dryers have an infrared sensor that turns it on when needed, thus ideal for crowded and shared restroom spaces.

While automatic hand dryers are hygienic, some manufacturers include HEPA filters on their products to help remove germs in the air blown. This would be a welcome feature primarily if you deal with food. The added HEPA filter will help reduce the risk of germs spreading to anyone that enters the restrooms, including employees.



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