Whether you have a bathroom as big as a master bedroom or you have one the size of a small closet, bathroom storage is persistently an issue for homeowners. Finding a creative way to design storage solutions while maximizing space is a difficult undertaking for anyone. Most people find themselves overwhelmed with the constraints of their room size or confused by the amount of products that are available and what would be best for their space. From finding storage products that enhance the style of your bathroom that are still highly functional to understanding the underlying source of your storage issues, creating a storage solution can be a challenging project for even a very experienced home renovator

The Importance of Well Designed Bathrooms

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the main room that will draw potential buyers to purchase a home. This is why it is absolutely critical that your bathroom appear as functional and appealing as possible. Investing in adequate storage solutions is a great investment as most buyers are typically seeking a well organized bathroom. In order to get the most for your renovation money, it may help to call in a professional bathroom designer or an organization specialist. These professionals will have ideas on the latest products for your storage solution as well as having tools to help you view various options.

Whether you are considering a major reconfiguration of your bathroom or just some additional shelving, professional software can take the dimensions of your current bathroom space and translate them in to your improvement ideas. This visualization can often change the direction of a project as homeowners realize what they thought would work might not be the best option. A professional would be able to help you make the right decisions about your project, materials, dimensions and style.

Getting to the Root of the Issue

For many homeowners that start out thinking they don’t have enough storage space in their bathrooms, finding the source of the storage issue should be the first stop in the design phase. Having difficulty finding storage for towels is a lot different than lacking storage for dozens of cosmetics and hair products. Deciding whether you want concealed storage or open storage will be another big decision and will depend on the type of items you struggle to find a home for in your bathroom.

There are custom drawer inserts available for existing bathroom cabinets that can be a great option for small cosmetics that you find yourself stacking on top of each other only to have them topple over every time the drawer opens or closes. Under sink space may also be underutilized if the cabinet is too deep. This provides an opportunity to use roll-out shelving or removable storage containers. There also may be under used space right above a toilet which can be great for shallow shelves or a cupboard for storing extra toilet paper, tissue or cleaning suppliers.

Tricks of the Trade

When it comes to bathroom storage design, one of the key facets is utilizing every square inch of a bathroom without making it look as if you have used every square inch. Creating shelving that is vertical is one of the tricks bathroom designers will utilize which actually provides a feeling that the room is taller and therefore larger than it really is. There are other options which can help to ‘steal’ space you didn’t know you had. An experienced contractor may be able to find space between wall studs that is not impacted by plumbing or electrical where you can add custom, built in shelving. You can use this space openly or attach a cupboard door to conceal the contents, similar to a medicine cabinet.

Many small bathrooms will only have a pedestal sink which offers no storage. There are some simple storage options that people may not have considered, such as utilizing decorative baskets that can sit on the floor to hold towels. There is a wide assortment of decorative storage boxes and baskets available that may be perfect for your space and can hide the extra supplies you don’t necessarily use every day such as cleaning products, extra hair products and cosmetics. Just be sure when selecting your container that it can hold up to the humidity of a bathroom environment.

For larger bathrooms that simply do not have the right flow, there are a number of design tricks that can be used to maximize your space. If you are planning to replace your sink cabinet, you might select one that is actually 4-6 inches higher than the current cabinet. Many cabinets were built to standard specifications, but most custom and higher end bathrooms have elevated sink cabinets. This serves two purposes, one being that the sink is more ergonomically situated for its general purpose of hand and face washing and then secondly, the added height will provide for more storage.

The Size of Your Project

Before heading in to the home improvement store, take a look at your bathroom cabinet and see if you are fully utilizing all the storage beneath the sink, or if you mostly have extra soap and shampoo bottles that don’t stack well. Rather than replacing the whole cabinet, an added shelving layer might make a huge difference in your space usage. Another common storage issue is wet towels and where to hang them. If they aren’t slung over the top of the shower door then they are piled on the floor. If you have a glass door shower, check to see if you can add a towel bar across the door which is a great way to make up for a lack of wall space.

Some homeowners have waited so long to deal with their bathroom storage issue that they really just want to rip the whole thing out and start over. If you have the time and money to invest in this project, it almost always brings a return on your investment when it comes to re-sale. If you want to see how much you can do on a small budget to solve your need for a medicine cabinet, cosmetic counter and linen closet, a consultation with a professional would still be strongly advised due to the sheer complexities of space, plumbing and electricity that are involved with bathroom renovations or project installations. Some simple storage fixes may be all that you need rather than an entire overhaul.


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