With a passion for flower gardens, you are likely to find the varieties of bulbs, seeds and flowering bushes that are available locally to be limited. If you have a vision for a flower garden that includes certain flowers, substituting may not be an option. If you can’t find the flowers that you want, ordering flowers online may be necessary.

It is literally possible to find anything on the internet. At local stores, they only stock products that sell easily in their location. You may strike it rich with a local provider who will special order whatever you fancy, but the price is usually higher than what it would be if you order it yourself online.

When ordering flowers online, there are some precautions you should be aware of. After all, the internet is the prime medium for fraudulent activities. However, with the knowledge that you need to avoid the business scams, the internet is a great place to order flowers for your flower garden. When shopping online, here are some things that you should remember:

Avoid spam emails

If you receive email from any company that is not a company you have dealt with before, ignore them. “Spam” is the term used to describe unsolicited commercial advertisements that are sent by email. This is a common method used by fraudulent companies to attract victims that they can take advantage of.

Browse for name-known floral companies

When you are browsing for companies that sell flowers on the internet, you are likely to run across some names that you know. Often, it is better to order from a well-known company that also sells on the internet. Many distributors also make catalogs, like the ones you receive in the mail, available online.

Check out the company

Before ordering your flowers, be sure to check out the company to make sure they are real and that they have a good reputation. One idea for doing this is to participate in an online gardening forum. A forum is designed for chit-chat amongst people with the same interests. Ask people if they have dealt with the company and what they think of them. Another way is to browse the internet for the name of the company. This will bring up discussions about the company including recommendations and complaints.

Some internet businesses participate in the Better Business Bureau Online and they will have a BBBOnline seal on their site. A Better Business Bureau report will be available which ensures their reliability. VeriSign membership is also a good sign for online businesses. It ensures safety of online transactions.

Never order your flowers online from a company that doesn’t list contact information on their site. If a phone number is listed, it is best to call it and make sure that there are customer service representatives available to assist you in case there is a problem with your order.

Check for security

One of the greatest fears of ordering flowers online is the possibility that your personal and financial information can be intercepted when transmitted over the internet. This can be avoided by the use of secure sites for entering your personal information and your credit card. A site that is secure will have an address on their order page that starts with “https” instead of the general “http”. This means that the page of the site is protected by a SSL Certificate which means that your transaction cannot be intercepted by third parties during transmission.

If the company that you decided to order your flowers from doesn’t have a secure site for online transactions, simply don’t place your order online. Rather than taking the chances of jeopardizing your credit, order from them by phone, mail or fax.

The internet is a great way to break the barriers when planting a flower garden because of the endless supply of varieties of different flowers. Being cautious when ordering flowers online is definitely a necessity. Taking the proper precautions will alleviate your fear of shopping online for the flowers that you desire. You don’t have to improvise when it hard to find flowers to plant in your flower garden. You can find exactly what you want over the internet.

The variety of flowers is at your fingertips. Your flower garden can be exactly what you want it to be with a little bit of time spent on the internet and a whole lot of leisure time spent in the garden. Buying flowers online is the solution to getting flowers that are hard to find.


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