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History of Mother’s Day – Interesting Facts and Trivia

Mothers have been venerated for centuries. The tradition continues today, with Mother’s Day being one of

Birthday Traditions – Celebrating Another Year of Life

Children love a birthday. Not only do they get to be one year closer to the ever desired adulthood, but t

America’s Best Destinations for Winter Water Fun

Summer comes and goes every year, but that doesnt mean you and the family cant still enjoy a little wet a

Dealing with Jet Lag

Jet lag is described as the irritating (and sometimes debilitating) symptoms that occur with jet setting

Those Who Believe Receive – A Christmas Story

There she stood. 4 years old, with her hair up in pig tails, a red taffeta dress and a sparkle in her eye

The Meaning of Christmas – It’s Not Just About Getting Gifts

Each year around this time of year, the whole world gets sentimental. It becomes habitual and kind to wis

Are You Really as Busy as You Think – Technology can be aTime Killer

Your life is a rat race! You feel like you are constantly running from here to there in a scurry, and com

Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Flowers on Valentine’s Day is one of those romantic traditions that simply will not die, and for good rea

Your Posts on Facebook – Too Much Information

The internet. In today’s world, the internet is much more than looking up information and being connected

The Importance and Application of Emergency Vehicle Lights

There is a clear difference between standard headlights and emergency vehicle lights. Not all people have

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Engravings on Glass and Crystal

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