Hemp is becoming more popular by the day. It’s now common to find hundreds of household products and foods made with this natural substance. And as a result, people are experiencing its wide variety of amazing benefits more than ever before.

Curious how hemp is making its way into the homes of millions of people? Here are five of the most popular and helpful hemp products to enjoy.

1) CBD Oil

CBD Oil has a reputation as a holistic treatment for a variety of mental and physical ailments. Its efficacy is still be researched, but people swear by it as an extra ingredient in their food or as part of aromatherapy to bring comfort and reduce anxiety.

Many people with sleep disorders keep it at their bedside table. It’s even used for people suffering from PTSD. But its most boasted function is inflammation relief, which makes it great at combating chronic pain and skin conditions like psoriasis and acne.

It can even benefit those impacted by diseases as serious as cancer, epilepsy, heart failure, Alzheimer’s, and MS. CBD oil is being used to treat pretty much any dilemma you can think of, making it one of the most helpful and widely-applicable retail products.

2) Bath Bombs

Baths are an essential part of any self-care day. Bath bombs are largely thought of as luxurious and comforting, but they offer even more benefits when they’re made of hemp.

If your muscles and joints are sore after a long day at work, hemp bath bombs can bring pain relief. As the bomb melts in the bath, it soaks into your skin, soothing your entire body and dissipating toxins. The hemp also interacts with your body neurologically to regulate emotions.

As in-demand as these products are, they can be hard to come by, but Eagle Moon Hemp has them in stock.

3) Lotion

We’re always looking for ways to keep our skin youthful. Hemp lotion is exceptional at fighting the aging process by repairing your skin barrier. Consistent use can reduce age spots, stretch marks, redness, and wrinkles.

It’s a lifesaver in the colder seasons, which burden us with dryness and itching. It’s also rich in many vitamins, including A, B6, C, and E.

People have seen miraculous results from this combination in as soon as two days. As a bonus, it gives your skin a pleasant smell akin to perfume.

4) Pet Treats

Some people shy away from hemp products because they’re afraid these gummites, snacks, and toys will get their animals high. However, hemp is defined as having less than .03% of THC content, which isn’t enough to get animals or humans high. Instead, hemp products for pets can soothe an upset stomach, increase appetite, speed up recovery from an injury, and boost the immune system.

5) Fabric

Yes, hemp can be made into fabric as well, and it’s making a huge impact on the fashion industry. As an all-natural substance, hemp is more environmentally friendly than polyester, acrylic, and cotton.Hemp crops take up less space, and the plant can replenish itself faster and absorb carbon.

Hemp products have other benefits too, like increased durability. Coming from the strongest natural fiber, hemp-based fabric is significantly sturdier than those made from other materials, lasting as much as four times longer. It also gets softer and comfier over time without losing its structure.

Anything that is made from fabric can be a hemp product. You could have tablecloths, hats, coats, shirts, pants, blankets, canvases- go wild with your imagination!


Hemp can be used to make just about anything, but these five products are the most popular and helpful uses of this natural resource. Whether you are stressed out, sick, or simply need a new wardrobe, buying something hemp-infused is truly worth considering.


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