Choosing flooring for a bedroom should not be a hum-drum process but should be approached with a lot thought given to the purpose of each room to be covered. After all, a bedroom isn’t just a place to sleep anymore! Flooring options for the bedroom include any floor covering available today. The only thing that should limit what type of flooring you will use in the bedroom is your imagination. The end result should be the creation of that special atmosphere you are trying to create in that room

Many people approach the bedroom floor covering with one question: what color should the carpet be. Carpet is the standard floor covering in a bedroom and while there is nothing wrong with carpet, it is certainly not the only thing you can put on the bedroom floor. Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for the bedroom and always adds natural warmth to the room. The same thing can be said for laminate wood floorings, which give you a greater choice of options in colors and design patterns than hardwood flooring. Ceramic tile and stone, such as marble, are also great choices for your bedroom floor and give you many options to choose from, depending on your style.

What to considered when deciding on a finish floor covering in the bedroom?

First, what is the purpose or end use of the bedroom? Is this the master bedroom, a teenager’s bedroom, a child’s bedroom or a nursery? Or is this is a guest bedroom? Each of these rooms will take on a different feel and the flooring should set the mood for the entire room. Second, what is the decorating scheme for the room? Is it all painted drywall, or is there textured wallpaper involved? Perhaps you’ve run bead board as a wainscoting on the walls or some other wood pattern. All of these things need to be considered when choosing the flooring in your bedrooms because you need to make sure that the flooring you select will blend with or properly accent the rest of the rooms decorating scheme.

For example, a master bedroom suite can be a combination of a sanctuary where you hide away from the world as well as the place you fall asleep. The flooring should be comfortable but not boring. If you are using carpet here, then you may want to consider a carpet with a design pattern in the weave rather than just a plain pile carpet. Something like that gives your flooring a personal touch and says that you were involved in the selection process. If you were to use a pre-finished wood or laminate floor, choose a lighter color that adds life to the room but will still allow you to use accent colors on the walls and in the fabrics.

Flooring options for the bedroom of a young person, or even a teenager, should take into consideration how easy it will be to clean up. Anyone who has raised kids knows that the little ones love to scatter their toys (and clothes) all over the floor and nothing is more frustrating than vacuuming up a handful of your child’s favorite small toys because you couldn’t see them buried in the plush pile carpet. This type of bedroom floor lends itself to hardwood flooring or laminate flooring very well because wood makes any room warm and beautiful but it is practical as well. Either hardwood or laminate give you many selections to choose from in colors and pattern style and they make cleanup a breeze with a broom or dust mop. Still think you need some carpet in the middle of the floor for the kids to play on? Drop an attractive area carpet down on the floor. Pick something with a tight weave that will add warmth for them while lying down but not allow small toys to hide in it when it comes time for cleaning.

Finishing the floor of a nursery takes into consideration some of the same things just discussed for the kids room: it should be attractive and easy to cleanup. However, a nursery is a room where cleanup can take on a new meaning and colors selected are usually very bright; just the opposite of what you would choose for a child or older person.

Let’s consider the cleaning requirements for a nursery floor. Let your imagination run wild as to what might end up on the floor and then double it! The nursery is a combination bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. It is also a social center when relatives come over to visit your new bundle of joy so it will get all of the foot traffic in one room that a normal house receives. Ceramic tile will give you the greatest advantage in this room by providing a durable surface for all of the traffic as well as offering one of the easiest cleaning surfaces of all finished floor coverings. As far as being an attractive flooring option for the bedroom, ceramic tile comes in so many sizes, shapes and colors that the decorating possibilities are almost endless.

The last bedroom to consider is the guest bedroom. This bedroom does not have to please a particular person because you never know who will be in it but it should follow the decorating scheme of the rest of the home. While this room should be attractive and inviting, since your guests will be staying there, it will also be the room that will be the easiest to clean because of its limited use; therefore, maintenance is not going to be a primary consideration for the flooring in this room. Any of the flooring choices available will work here but carpet is a flooring option for the bedroom that gives you a wide range of budget options while still offering a floor finish that is appealing to most of your guests. A thick, plush carpet always feels good between your toes and your guests will appreciate the fact that you thought enough of them to put it down.

The bedroom floor should be given as much consideration as any other floor in the house when it comes to decorating. Make sure your choice for the floor is practical in terms of maintenance, beautiful to look at, and offers the greatest comfort to your family and guests.


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