Technology is evolving incredibly quickly. A main area of focus for new tech and gadgets comes in the world of work. From maximizing efficiency to just plain fun, we’re going to take a look at 5 essential office gadgets which will change the way you work.


One of the most common roadblocks for productivity is disorganization. Finding the right file or page on a cluttered desk is time consuming and annoying. Thankfully, gadgets can be very handy to get your office in order and streamline your processes.

Simple tools such as label makers can be game-changers around the workplace, you can keep the same drawers and files, but with the help of a label maker you’ll never waste time looking for the right paperwork again.

Portable Monitors 

Working from home or on the go is becoming more and more common. With a good laptop, it’s easy to get your tasks finished from wherever you are. As a result, most people are given company laptops instead of being assigned a clunky old PC.

The only issue is that laptops are normally smaller, which bothers some workers. This is where a portable laptop monitor comes in handy. These fold away gadgets connect to your laptop and instantly extend your scope, allowing you to have two or three windows on the go.

Wireless Charging 

Cable management is becoming less of a problem every day as all of our tech is slowly becoming wireless. The only problem with wireless tech is making sure it’s always charged.

This is where a wireless charging mouse pad comes into play. Simply plug in the mouse pad and your wireless mouse, phone, and any other small gadget will charge just by sitting on it. Thanks to this, your mouse will never run out of battery again, and you’ll have a convenient new charging spot for your tech.

Laptop Stands 

Comfort is essential for every worker. The happier you are at work, the more efficient and enjoyable your day will become, not to mention the added bonus of cutting down on stress.

If you’re working on a laptop every day, then your posture is likely to pay the price. A laptop is too low to use throughout the day, which leads to craned necks and aching backs. A laptop stand will raise your laptop to your eye-line and you’ll feel the benefits almost immediately as the stand makes you sit upright without even noticing.

Air Purifiers 

To make your office work even more comfortable, you should think about the quality of your air. If you’re spending all day in a musty room without proper air flow, then your concentration, motivation, and quality of life will all come crashing down.

An air purifier will quietly filter the air in your office, ensuring you have fresh air all day long. An added bonus is that most purifiers come with options to add scent, or even essential oils as a diffuser function. This can dramatically increase comfort and happiness throughout your office.


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